Jellyfish Ocean Clutch


  • Colors: three different blues, and red
  • Dimensions: 24cm x 16cm
  • Weight: 185 g
  • With teal colored zipper
  • Material: 100% upcycled plastic bags

This is an art initiative by Jellyfish, a CSR business that does not receive any NGO or United Nations funding, nor does it have any investors so far.  It offers job opportunities for untrained women, through referrals from charitable organizations. The women stitch and crochet the plastic trash in the form of unique accessories, including fashionable and useful bags, baskets, purses, clutches, coasters and other products. Their goods are displayed every weekend in the stalls of Souk el Tayeb, Beirut, or are sold through words of mouth.

The journey begins with used plastic bags collected by friends, family, and the public, as well as from the refugee camps. They are first converted into long plastic strips, and then these strips, or ‘threads,’ are manually crocheted into diverse objects that retain the original colors of the threads, which add to the unique look of the upcycled material. The objects have proven to be durable, strong, washable and tolerant to rain and dust.

By turning what was once waste into valuable products, both colorful and useful, this process reduces the negative impact of single-use plastic bags. supports all kinds of CSR initiatives.

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